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Welcome to KASB Foundation!
We are a nonprofit charitable organization whose purpose is to better the lives of the underprivileged in Pakistan through long-term, short-term, disaster relief and most importantly, education programs.

Through a very transparent process, KASB Foundation strives in its nation building efforts to make Pakistan a more secure and better place to live.

The intention of our foundation is to overcome disparity by not only giving grants to the underprivileged and addressing their immediate needs, but most importantly, by educating them and turning them around into better citizens who can play positive roles for the betterment of our country.

At KASB Foundation, it is our strong belief that for peace and prosperity to return to Pakistan, education is the only way forward. We therefore remain fully committed to promote education at every level possible and among our most note worthy successfully implemented programs are the “KASB Foundation Academic Scholarship Program” through which from a total enrollment of over 2,500 students in the Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari Institute of Technology (KASBIT) that imparts higher education, our KASB Foundation provides need based scholarships to approximately 50% of the students from the lower middle class segments of our society.

KASB Foundation also works hand in hand with many educational institutions and another educational program that it is involved with is the “FATA Children Education” program through which the children of displaced people from FATA are provided primary level education.

Besides Education, our foundation is also involved in:

  • Disaster Relief Programs
  • Long-Term Sustainable Community Health Services
  • Self-Supporting Programs – That provide opportunities to the underprivileged to self-earn and better manage their lives

With the support of our well-wishers, patrons and our KASB Foundation’s sister companies, we have been able to greatly increase the scope of our charitable work, besides promoting education in as big a way as possible. We remain positively confident and hopeful of not only continuing with this noble work, but of increasing it manifold over time, with the continued support of all those who want our world to become a better place to live in.

  • Appeal for Urgent Relief / Assistance for the Flood Affectees
  • Rice Distribution Program

Latest News

  • The German Ambassador & Consul General visits KASB Foundation Office.   
  • KASB Foundation “Football” Support to Japan.   
  • KASB Foundation installed 22 Hand Pumps for providing fresh water to rain-flood affectees of the year 2011 which have lost their houses and are residing under open sky on both sides of National High ways from Agriculture University Tando Jam towards Tando Allahyar & from Tando Allahyar to Mirpur Khas.  
  • The Consul General of the United States invites KASB Foundation’s FATA School Children for Iftar dinner at his residence.    
  • KASB Foundation’s Financial Assistance for 100 Houses Rehabilitation Project in Kot Adu, Dist. Muzzafargarh. 
  • Update on the Dalbandin Earthquake 
  • 7.4 Magnitude earthquake rocks Pakistan 
  • U.S. Consul General Celebrates Iqbal Day with Children from FATA at KASB Foundation.  
  • KASB Foundation teams up with KASB Bank for collection points of relief items
  •  Foundation relief effort news hits the UK
  •  First batch of relief items underway
  •  Islamabad United Captain becomes Foundation Ambassador
  •  Foundation sponsored football team Islamabad United lose out in penalties in semi finals of SFL

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Photos and stories from the field

camera Get to know our work beyond numbers, maps and graphs. Learn about the everyday mothers, kids and communities who benefit from your donations.
  • 253 Fata Childrens enrolled in schools
  • Grass roots level football development in Karachi since 2003
  • 1700 people provided fresh, clean and safe drinking water
  • 100+ families provided shelter through housing programme
  • Sports scholarship awarded for the first time in Pakistan
  • 1000’s of medicines donated to hard to reach areas of Pakistan
  • 5000+ sewing machines provided to women to encourage sustainable income generation
  • Development of Jinnah Hospital stretcher ramp
  • Over 300 students provided educational assistance grants to study higher degrees
  • Grants provided for the installation of solar energy panels in housing schemes
  • Annual distribution of ration (food packs) to over 500 families
  • Development and education of moderate religious scholars
  • Housing support grants provided to over 100 low income families
  • Acquisition of prominent Pakistani art pieces

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