Schools Renovation Program


A number of school building that needed repairs were fully renovated by the Foundation to enable the teachers and students to have a conducive environment in which best quality education could be imparted.

Impact: 1,500 to 2,000 students benefitted by studying in properly constructed and furnished classrooms/schools.

Distribution Program


To support the various education institutions that the KASB Foundation is associated with, through our School Books Distribution Program books were directly distributed by the staff members of the Foundation to students in various primary schools.

Impact: 2,500 to 3,000 school children benefitted in getting better access to educational improvement Scholarship

Marriage Support Program

Social Support

Support in financial and other forms provided to the needy and in particular to poor women to arrange their marriage ceremony in respectably simplistic manners.

Support to the University of Central Punjab

Education & Community

Scholarship support was provided for students to avail quality higher education at the University of Central Punjab.

Iftar Program

Social Support in ramadan

Iftar arrangements were made for the poor in various areas during Ramadan.

Support to Philanthropic and Humanitarian Activities

Social & Community Support

KASB Foundation also financially supports other institutions that undertake philanthropic and humanitarian activities and in this regard has associated with “Shaheen Foundation” and “Smile Again Foundation” among others.

Rice Distribution Program

Social Support in ramadan

Rice packed in 5 kilo bags were distributed to the homeless and the needy during Ramadan by the staff and volunteer members of the Foundation in interior Sindh and the poor locality areas of Karachi.

Monthly Financial Support Program

Social Support

Monthly financial support is provided to families whose members are either too old to support themselves or family members who are incapacitated and unable to earn their livelihoods.

Fine Arts Support Program

Social Support & Awarness

To appreciate and give due recognition to the artists of Pakistan, support is provided to them for holding exhibitions in art galleries etc of their works and the publication and launching of their literary contributions for the overall benefit of our society.

Clothes Distribution Program

Social Support in ramadan

Stitched clothes for men and unstitched clothes for women were distributed to the poor and needy families by the staff and volunteer members of the Foundation in the poverty stricken areas of the city and in interior Sind.

Drug Addicts Rehabilitation

Health & Social Support

Medical and rehabilitation support is provided to drug addicts to give them the opportunity to recover and become respectable contributing members of society once again.

Safe Water Save Lives


To reduce child exposure to disease through the improvement of access to water and healthier sanitation practices.

Impact: 17,000 people now have safe clean drinking water.

Citizenship at Schools Program

Education & Community

To provide students the opportunity to examine important global issues, raising their social awareness and encouraging them to become better global citizens while learning about life in Pakistan.


Football One programme


To improve physical in young people, fostering their physical, social and emotional health.

Partners in this project: Pakistan Football Federation

Hand Pumps Project


Prior to the devastating floods that hit Pakistan in 2010, KASB Foundation was already involved in the provision of hand pumps in the remote areas of Pakistan, where it installed it had already installed more then 500 hand pumps where clean water was a scarcity.


Pakistan Premier League


To develop opportunities and thus enhance local industries and a local sports sector to emerge through the events generating enough interest as to attract people willing to attend the event and purchase products and services associated with the sport.

Impact: Final winners took away the prize of Rs.1m for the first time. (more)

Water Purification Plants Project


Clean potable drinking water had become a scarcity in the aftermath of the floods that hit Pakistan, and KASB Foundation had immediately initiated its “Water Purifications Plants Project” to enable people in the interior areas of Sindh to have access to clean drinking water.


FATA Scholarship program


The KASB Foundation bursary generally aims at overcoming barriers which hamper access to education for children from marginalized groups in the FATA region.

Impact: The bursary programme has benefited the following groups: (more)
Partners in this project: World Security Network

Emergency Management & Readiness Progamme (EMaRP)


The KASB Foundation Emergency Management & Readiness program will be a three-year, community-based, disaster risk management program.


Food Distribution Program


Food distribution has been a regular feature that has characterized the KASB Family for decades and with the setting up of the KASB Foundation,..


Clothes Distribution Program


Even before the establishment of KASB Foundation, a clothes distribution program was implemented by the Bukhari Family,..

  • 207 Fata Childrens enrolled in schools
  • Grass roots level football development in Karachi since 2003
  • 1700 people provided fresh, clean and safe drinking water
  • 100+ families provided shelter through housing programme
  • Sports scholarship awarded for the first time in Pakistan
  • 1000’s of medicines donated to hard to reach areas of Pakistan
  • 5000+ sewing machines provided to women to encourage sustainable income generation
  • Development of Jinnah Hospital stretcher ramp
  • Over 300 students provided educational assistance grants to study higher degrees
  • Grants provided for the installation of solar energy panels in housing schemes
  • Annual distribution of ration (food packs) to over 500 families
  • Development and education of moderate religious scholars
  • Housing support grants provided to over 100 low income families
  • Acquisition of prominent Pakistani art pieces

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