As a young organization, the Foundation is always looking for volunteers to assist with program management, web design, accounting and fundraising, monitoring and evaluation, development, grants and a range of other tasks.

Interested in volunteering a few hours a week? Looking for a great internship? Need to fulfill community service hours for school?


Thanks so much for your interest in volunteering with our Foundation. Please take a minute to fill out this brief survey and tell us a little about yourself. *Please note it can take 1-2 weeks for our team to get back to you. We greatly appreciate your patience.

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What can you help us with?

I am a heavy lifter. I love constructing and moving things about and would be great for exhibitions.
I love events and talking to new people
I'm a photographer/video genius who would like to shoot the events for KASB Foundation
I specialize in organization and administrative tasks.
I am an aspiring film editor or Final Cut Pro guru.
I want to bring KASB Foundation to my school, club, or sports team.
I'm an expert at recruiting, and want to get people signed up for fundraising campaigns
I have a fabulous idea. Can someone from KASB Foundation contact me?
I live in Karachi - I want to be included in your volunteer activities. Please add me to the Karachi list.
I live in Islamabad - I want to be included in your volunteer activities. Please add me to the Islamabad list.
I live in Lahore - I want to be included in your volunteer activities. Please add me to the Lahore list.
I live in London - I want to be included in your volunteer activities. Please add me to the London list.

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What are your strengths, how much time can you commit? anything we should know?



  • 253 Fata Childrens enrolled in schools
  • Grass roots level football development in Karachi since 2003
  • 1700 people provided fresh, clean and safe drinking water
  • 100+ families provided shelter through housing programme
  • Sports scholarship awarded for the first time in Pakistan
  • 1000’s of medicines donated to hard to reach areas of Pakistan
  • 5000+ sewing machines provided to women to encourage sustainable income generation
  • Development of Jinnah Hospital stretcher ramp
  • Over 300 students provided educational assistance grants to study higher degrees
  • Grants provided for the installation of solar energy panels in housing schemes
  • Annual distribution of ration (food packs) to over 500 families
  • Development and education of moderate religious scholars
  • Housing support grants provided to over 100 low income families
  • Acquisition of prominent Pakistani art pieces

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