Update on the Dalbandin Earthquake


We all thank Almighty God for the minimal damage caused by the Dalbandin earthquake and that no casualties have been reported.Unfortunately, some 200 mud houses have been damaged some distance away from the epicenter of the earthquake.

The one positive note after the earthquake was the Chief Meteorologist of Sindh statement through which he informed that people should take some satisfaction from the fact that buildings in the country have satisfactorily withstood such a high magnitude earthquake, however, there is still reason to be concerned because of the possibility of the after effect tremors that could still occur and cause havoc.

The fear factor also persists among the people who are much concerned as to how they would be able to cope with any further disaster in the wake of the last earthquake and the recent floods that devastated the infrastructure of the country and still has people in their hundreds of thousands homeless, hungry and cold in the current winter season with deaths of many children being reported in the temporary refuge camps that have been set up in the disaster struck areas.

KASB Foundation has already deployed a task force to be on the lookout for any further damages and continues to provide relief where it is most required.

Arif Ali Shah Bukhari, Chairman, KASB Foundation