KASB Foundation Academic Scholarship Program

We at KASB Foundation work hand in hand with many educational Institutions because we strongly believe that this is an essential and integral part of our social responsibility. One of the institutions of higher learning associated with us is the Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari Institute of Technology (KASBIT), which has an enrollment of over 2500 students, who are mainly from the lower middle class section of our society. KASB Foundation provides academic as well as need based scholarships to approximately 50% of KASBIT’S student body. The funding for these scholarships and assistance-ships is directly arranged through resources that are arranged by our Foundation.

Education unfortunately keeps on being an unutilized doorway for our success because since our independence more than six decades ago, we under the pretext of providing democracy we have completely ignored education and have allowed the radicalization of our people through extreme teachings of vested interest to exploit the ballooning populace who due to lack of education and opportunities are becoming an unmanageable majority of illiterates.

To further enhance our scholarship program, we invite philanthropists and humanitarians who are desirous to promote efforts towards the provision of the highest possible level of education for our youth to join hands and participate with us in this noble cause by supporting and co-sponsoring our “KASB Foundation Academic Scholarship Program”, so that a maximum of our most academically gifted, hard-working and fully deserving students get the opportunities to become the best of citizens, who through the “power of education” will help make our people, our country and our world a more better place to live in.

  • 253 Fata Childrens enrolled in schools
  • Grass roots level football development in Karachi since 2003
  • 1700 people provided fresh, clean and safe drinking water
  • 100+ families provided shelter through housing programme
  • Sports scholarship awarded for the first time in Pakistan
  • 1000’s of medicines donated to hard to reach areas of Pakistan
  • 5000+ sewing machines provided to women to encourage sustainable income generation
  • Development of Jinnah Hospital stretcher ramp
  • Over 300 students provided educational assistance grants to study higher degrees
  • Grants provided for the installation of solar energy panels in housing schemes
  • Annual distribution of ration (food packs) to over 500 families
  • Development and education of moderate religious scholars
  • Housing support grants provided to over 100 low income families
  • Acquisition of prominent Pakistani art pieces

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