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    KASB Foundation is a non-profit (NGO) humanitarian aid organization with offices in Pakistan.

    KASB Foundation continues to grow and is developing into a highly professional and accountable organizational structure. After the 2005 Pakistan earthquake, KASB Foundation has increased its commitment to developing long term sustainable community health services, besides providing disaster relief in every way possible.

    However, the main focus of KASB Foundation remains on achieving results through the prevention of disease, community development through the powerful tool of education.

    KASB Foundation’s organic growth has allowed us to greatly increase our scope of work and the number of beneficiaries that we assist. Included in agenda are also the important fields of sports development the environment.

    KASB Foundation’s new organizational structure has improved and expanded our governance and management systems allowing for the recent formation of an international board of directors. The new team assumes overall responsibility for the global activities of the KASB Foundation’s group of affiliates and is supported by an international advisory board and programs committee.

    To contact KASB Foundation, you may use the email address linked to your affiliate below (use the Pakistan affiliate if international).

    KASB Foundation International

    Head Office: 173-U Block 2 PECHS, Karachi, Pakistan

    Tel: +92 021 3430 2301