Rice Distribution Program


Credit for the success story of KASB Foundation's "Rice Distribution Program" goes to Mr. Sou Lang Douji and his organization Asia International Finance Ltd. for the tremendous financial donations made by them, through which a mile-stone 1,000 tons of rice has been distributed to the flood affected people in Pakistan, including to those who are in hard to reach areas. God willing, this "Rice Distribution Program" will remain a continuously running exercise for KASB Foundation.

Hundreds of thousands of people still languish in temporary relief camps after being hit by one of most devastating floods that the world has ever seen and the effects of which have still to be overcome. Unfortunately, the world is moving ahead at a fast pace and in the process has begun to forget the plight of the flood effected people, whose lives still remain to be rebuilt.

Through its concerted efforts, KASB Foundation is involved in many ongoing "Immediate Relief" and "Long Term Relief" programs through which it provides much needed direct and indirect assistance to the down-trodden people of Pakistan in the forms of food packages, clothes, water pumps in areas where there is scarcity of drinking water, health services, education and other self-sustainable projects.