7.4 Magnitude earthquake rocks Pakistan


A very strong and high magnitude 7.4 earthquake has struck Balochistan and rocked the whole of Pakistan, with its after effects being felt as far apart as Dubai and New Delhi in the early hours of January 18, 2011 at 1.23 a.m. According to the early reports from the major cities of Pakistan, shocks were felt for almost a minute and shaking buildings caused panic and some terrified residents rushed out of harms way into open areas.

KASB Foundation, which in the aftermath of the 2005 earthquake that hit Pakistan and caused unimaginable disaster and thousands of casualties, had worked directly as well as with other charitable organizations and agencies towards the relief and rebuilding operations that had helped in bringing some sense of sanity to the people in the devastated areas.

KASB Foundation is therefore, keeping a very close watch on the damage situation that could arise because initial reports suggest that the earthquake has caused no loss of lives or major damage, however, information is coming in that in some parts of the country damage has been done with some structures caving in.

KASB Foundation will continue to assess the impact of this earthquake so as to prepare itself to immediately respond and provide relief and aid to people who face any distress.

Arif Ali Shah Bukhari, Chairman, KASB Foundation