FATA Scholarship program


The KASB Foundation bursary generally aims at overcoming barriers which hamper access to education for children from marginalized groups in the FATA region.


The current high levels of poverty in Pakistan, factored with increasing high inflation rate and the lack of employment opportunities for the less educated have impacted negatively on the education sector making education even more unaffordable and out of reach amongst the majority of households in Pakistan.

The situation is more critical among communities in the FATA region affected by the potential to lean towards alternative means of social escapism, which has resulted in tendency to advocate or involve with terrorist activities or groups or be at risk to have exposure to these groups.
Due to these and many other factors, many people who complete primary and secondary education but do not qualify to go to secondary or university cannot afford to join the higher educational institutions.

Strategic Objectives

People belonging to the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) are being selected in a bid to motivate students from under developed areas for education.

The KASB Foundation committee suggested that in addition to academic studies, students from FATA between 5 to 18 years be included in the programme. The scholarships provide an opportunity to develop individuals, families and communities.


The bursary programme has benefited the following groups:

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