Pakistan Premier League


To develop opportunities and thus enhance local industries and a local sports sector to emerge through the events generating enough interest as to attract people willing to attend the event and purchase products and services associated with the sport. At the local level, a ‘virtuous cycle’ can be created, in which sports-related services are provided, creating jobs and opportunities to upgrade skills and produce further services and products – a positive ‘spill-over’ effect from local and national sports events.


Studies show that a ‘vicious cycle’ is emerging as a result of the underdevelopment of sport in developing countries, in which lower investment in sport decreases the potential for athletes to build their talent. 

It also means that there are fewer prospects for athletes to continue their sport training or pursue professional sport careers in a developing country. In turn, the lack of talent-building opportunities in a developing country leads to less return on the little investment put into local talent, further debilitating local sport development structures and sport career pathways.

Strategic Objectives

The KASB Foundation football development programme, in conjunction with the Pakistan Football Federation, has now been in existence for over 1year.

2009 saw the 1st enhanced Pakistan Premier League, the 8th Karachi Premier League and the 2nd Super Football League.


Partners in this project

Pakistan Football Federation