Food Distribution Program


To provide food to the poor, needy and homeless people and help them to uplift themselves to a constructive way of life.


Food distribution has been a regular feature that has characterized the KASB Family for decades and with the setting up of the KASB Foundation, the “Food Distribution Program” has become one of the foundation’s most important activities among its various projects. Food is provided to the destitute people, to help them get past the difficult times they face till such time that they are able to rebuild their lives purposefully for the better.

Under this program, food is also provided to those people who are in most need during the natural disasters periods like the recent earth quake and flood that unfortunately made a very large number of Pakistanis suffer irreparable loss of lives and property, who needed short term and long term support to rebuild their lives once again. Through its “Food Distribution Program, KASB Foundation makes special extra efforts to support and provide food to people effected by such disasters.

Strategic Objectives

In life there will always be times when people fall on bad times, and need support in every way possible to rebuild their lives. In such times the provision of food is one basic aspect that is provided by the foundation to make such people overcome the difficult phase they are going through and to give them the time to gather themselves for attempts to lead more constructive and meaningful lives.