Citizenship at Schools Program


To provide students the opportunity to examine important global issues, raising their social awareness and encouraging them to become better global citizens while learning about life in Pakistan.


This rooted in a strong developmental and preventative philosophy. This program was established for all students. Its main goal is to develop a cohesive community of learners who value and respect one another. More specifically it emphasizes creating and nurturing a sense of community through presentation of anti-social behaviors and teaching and promoting positive citizenship behaviors.

Strategic Objectives

The KASB Foundation’s Citizenship at Schools program is a two-year educational program available to teachers and students in Pakistan. The program provides an opportunity for students to learn about the geography, economy, culture, health and living conditions of Pakistanis. The programme is ongoing, process-oriented program. During its existence, it will be shaped and reshaped to respond to the current and most crucial needs of our changing community.