Emergency Management & Readiness Progamme (EMaRP)

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The KASB Foundation Emergency Management & Readiness program will be a three-year, community-based, disaster risk management program.
The program is designed to improve both village and district disaster management systems so that communities in isolated regions are better prepared for natural disasters. Being better prepared means saving lives. Communities need to plan and prepare before disasters. They need to know how to respond if affected by a disaster. And they need to identify their key strengths in order to quickly recover from the affects of natural disaster.

Communities will predominantly identify the main risks they face. However, this program looks at all hazards, and the communities themselves identify the natural disasters that threaten them based on their own experience. Such disasters could include:

The program will began in January 2011 with an initial six-month design phase which include a baseline data collection, surveys, socialization with key stakeholders and government representatives, and visits to target villages.

EMaRP will be designed around three key components:

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Working with Independent consultants